because sailing t-shirts just won’t do for very much longer.  alexander linen button up $84.00


a waterproof lighter so he can tinker with things rain or shine.  everyday carry waterproof lighter $22.00


to his health! 3 oz. flask $22.00


a beer making kit for more experimenting.  brooklyn brew shop beer kit $40.00


and for a little bit of home away from home.  pacific grove made sparky’s rootbeer.  22 oz bottle $3.00




some quality bloody mary mix for christmas morning.  charleston mix $10.00


a little side for dad to snack on because the turkey is taking too long.  olli salame sampler $68.50

tenth of december - george saunders

a little reading for all of his miles of air travel.  tenth of december ~ george saunders $16.00


a classy pocket knife for him to keep in the car, just in case.  rosewood folding knife $45.00


so she can increase the quantity of vegetables on the dining table.  the sprouted kitchen $16.50


some fancy tea to help her relax after a long day of weeding and basket weaving.  harvest fine tea $20.00

miniget her this fancy necklace to switch up the jewelry routine.  large agate necklace $50.00


to give her a laugh when she’s combatting the arthritis in her beautifully elegant hands.  panic pete squeeze toy $7.00



this sleek swiss army knife is for the lady that has a fully equipped first aid kit, tool box, along with a set of chains in case she’s snowbound.  tomo mint green swiss army knife $24.00


this particular well prepared lady also likes to have a new cocktail seconds from being prepared at a moment’s notice.  mrs. lilien’s cocktail swatchbook $12.00


for her biology major past.  elements puzzle $12.00


an eye mask, because she reeeeally loves her shut-eye.  holly gonightly eye mask $15.00


for when the sun shines in new york.  sunprint kit $12.00

bill murray coloring book

in case she ever gets bored of her own doodles she can color in someone else’s.  thrill murray coloring book $19.00


to keep those gloomy brooklyn days a little brighter.  preppy socks from target $3.00


and then she could hike up those polka dot socks and do some skating around the neighborhood.  penny skateboard $100.00


to place on her lapel for fancy persian soirees.  mini pom poms $12.00


a game of trivia to keep the nights of wine drinking and laughs going.  kwizniac trivia game $20.00


and for those just in case moments to keep her phone charged.  portable iphone charger $35.00



after long days on his desert property he’ll need a solid cup of coffee to wake him up in the morning, and something equally tough to pour it in.  pendleton travel coffee mug $28.00



why not some fancy olive oil to add to his perfectly constructed salads.  mcevoy organic extra virgin olive oil $24.00



and then to top it off, gift this pink himalayan salt for that little extra something.  finishing salt $12.00


a mortar and pestle to create his custom spice blends.  terra cotta mortar and pestle $25.00


poaching eggs can be a hassle but these little pods will make it quick and fail-safe.  poach pods $10.00


and just to keep the cooking light when it either gets below freezing or above 100 degrees in his desert hovel.  kai pure komachi 2 eight piece set $79.99


and when he misses the sea salt air he can use this soap to get that scent to stick around.  sea salt soap $7.00


a grobal self watering planter.  SO COOL!  planter $30.00


or how about a little air plant to sit next to her while she does her daily crossword?  air plant with planter $10.00


and then after all of that strenuous “gardening” she can take a bath with this soak.  lavender bath salt  from terrain $18.95


to reminder to not turn into a prune while soaking, get her one of these SUPER cute chickenkitchen timers.  timer, also from terrain $13.00


and of course she would want to look at your beautiful face everyday!  make her a custom wall calendar from pinhole press $30.00

stumped on what to get your significant other’s parents????  check out my previous post what do i get my boyfriend’s parent’s?

they like to be outdoors, enjoy a cocktail or two, and won’t pass up a solid game of cribbage or ticket to ride…….but where to start?


so she can do some gardening, but not have to get too dirty.  matchstick garden $12.50 for a pack of 5


for those said cribbage games.  compact cribbage $48.00, comes complete with pegs and playing cards.


so they can open their wine and beer fashionably.  fittingly boat themed.  rope bottle opener $28.00, opens both wine and beer.

govinogotta have something to drink out of right?!  these govino wine glasses are both flexible AND unbreakable.  that is a combo that most of us would like to be…….govino go anywhere wine glasses $25.95 for a set of 8


and these can adorn their fancy game room some day for a boozy game of mexican train.  jonathan adler domino set – if i had the money $138.00


and, we wouldn’t want to leave out the family dog…..she’d make you pay.  mimi green personalized dog collar $29.00