This weekend my family is heading up to San Francisco for my cousin’s baby shower.  From what I have heard, my cousin didn’t even really want a baby shower, and on top of that, would probably rather just find all of these baby things herself.  So, what do you get someone that really has everything under control already?  The family has some serious italian roots and won’t tell us the gender of their little baby.  Talk about narrowing the field!

I’ve heard so much ranting and raving about all of these items.  And, considering I’m nowhere near having a child of my own, I have to base my opinions on the raving of others, so here we go:


1// sophie the giraffe.   2//the silver spoon for children.   3//uncle goose wooden blocks.   4// como tomo bottles.

If I were a little bebé I would totally be stoked with any of this stuff, no?



talk about a summer staple.  these babies are my go to shoe during the summer months.  they’re light and airy with a removable insole that you can clean – no sandy summer funk.  i’ve gotten some disapproving looks from my dad (“sweet kicks, megan….”), but all in all the positives BY FAR outweigh the disapproving looks.  they were unfortunately pricey, but my cost per wear has put the price to shame.  i wish i could wear them every day…..oh wait, i can……

reef sunsets in blue:  $52.00 for a pair = true love.

it would take me a while to really gather up the words to explain what catalina island means to me.  and what it means has changed over the years just how my interest in skiing as developed into liking and my exploration of onions has broadened into loving over time.  it is so dear to my heart and i truly can’t get enough of it.  that’s a photo of me up top at age four in front of the casino.  and on this trip, if i plan to wear shoes at any point they would be these corduroy vans, just cause.  i’ll have my olympus trip by my side for point and clicks.  we might swing by the marlin club for a stiff drink after we made a hearty breakfast to stave off the hangover we achieved with last nights buffalo milks.  and then proceed to float for the rest of the day.  after a shower we laze on the boat reading the sun also rises to each other as we wait for the grill to heat up.

get ready for a photo montage: