what do you get your boyfriend’s parents for the holidays?

they like to be outdoors, enjoy a cocktail or two, and won’t pass up a solid game of cribbage or ticket to ride…….but where to start?


so she can do some gardening, but not have to get too dirty.  matchstick garden $12.50 for a pack of 5


for those said cribbage games.  compact cribbage $48.00, comes complete with pegs and playing cards.


so they can open their wine and beer fashionably.  fittingly boat themed.  rope bottle opener $28.00, opens both wine and beer.

govinogotta have something to drink out of right?!  these govino wine glasses are both flexible AND unbreakable.  that is a combo that most of us would like to be…….govino go anywhere wine glasses $25.95 for a set of 8


and these can adorn their fancy game room some day for a boozy game of mexican train.  jonathan adler domino set – if i had the money $138.00


and, we wouldn’t want to leave out the family dog…..she’d make you pay.  mimi green personalized dog collar $29.00


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