what do you get your best friends that are scattered all over the country and are pursuing a very wide range of professions?



this sleek swiss army knife is for the lady that has a fully equipped first aid kit, tool box, along with a set of chains in case she’s snowbound.  tomo mint green swiss army knife $24.00


this particular well prepared lady also likes to have a new cocktail seconds from being prepared at a moment’s notice.  mrs. lilien’s cocktail swatchbook $12.00


for her biology major past.  elements puzzle $12.00


an eye mask, because she reeeeally loves her shut-eye.  holly gonightly eye mask $15.00


for when the sun shines in new york.  sunprint kit $12.00

bill murray coloring book

in case she ever gets bored of her own doodles she can color in someone else’s.  thrill murray coloring book $19.00


to keep those gloomy brooklyn days a little brighter.  preppy socks from target $3.00


and then she could hike up those polka dot socks and do some skating around the neighborhood.  penny skateboard $100.00


to place on her lapel for fancy persian soirees.  mini ban.do pom poms $12.00


a game of trivia to keep the nights of wine drinking and laughs going.  kwizniac trivia game $20.00


and for those just in case moments to keep her phone charged.  portable iphone charger $35.00


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