need it


shoemint man.  it’s really making me question the budget i created for apparel…….splurging for a full lineup of fall footwear……..sounds like a great idea.  the 20% off first pair is pretty appealing right about now…….


This weekend my family is heading up to San Francisco for my cousin’s baby shower.  From what I have heard, my cousin didn’t even really want a baby shower, and on top of that, would probably rather just find all of these baby things herself.  So, what do you get someone that really has everything under control already?  The family has some serious italian roots and won’t tell us the gender of their little baby.  Talk about narrowing the field!

I’ve heard so much ranting and raving about all of these items.  And, considering I’m nowhere near having a child of my own, I have to base my opinions on the raving of others, so here we go:


1// sophie the giraffe.   2//the silver spoon for children.   3//uncle goose wooden blocks.   4// como tomo bottles.

If I were a little bebé I would totally be stoked with any of this stuff, no?


talk about a summer staple.  these babies are my go to shoe during the summer months.  they’re light and airy with a removable insole that you can clean – no sandy summer funk.  i’ve gotten some disapproving looks from my dad (“sweet kicks, megan….”), but all in all the positives BY FAR outweigh the disapproving looks.  they were unfortunately pricey, but my cost per wear has put the price to shame.  i wish i could wear them every day…..oh wait, i can……

reef sunsets in blue:  $52.00 for a pair = true love.


dude.  check out these reimagined duck bags for baggu.  they partnered up with mer bags in brooklyn to create this “waterproof vinyl coated nylon.” sounds like just the ticket as we get into these dog days of summer.

i have their classic canvas duck bag in red and it has gotten me through many a beach cruise, drink & draw nights, and photo adventures.  can’t wait to get my hands on one of these puppies.

$82.00 (youch) here.


i dove into j. crew’s sale dept yesterday……wow.  amazing summer stuff right now.

baja tunic // seersucker one piece bathing suit // color block skirt // sweet little hat // chambray tunic // leopard print shorts

adding any of these to my wardrobe right now would hit the nail on the head.  i have been trying to deep clean my closet – which i do, and then then the bags sit in my trunk awaiting their next destination….which who knows will ever come……poor old clothes.  check out second hand challenge.  shayna gives all of those poor old clothes a new lease on life.  i should get on the bandwagon…..stat.

these perfect little things are just so.  just so enough to make you want them all so much, but be annoyed by how daintily beautiful they all are.

1.  perfect collection of yellow flowers.  2. yellow motel double glider bench.  3. a beautiful and simple anchor door knocker.  4. this striking blue dress.  5. a dainty pony tail all tied up with a perfect little bow.  6. another dainty little piece – a tiny diamond ring.  7. a neutral pump you can rely on.

i got this guy for xmas this past year.  it was one of those gifts that came up in a topic of conversation over thanksgiving.  i always need to know what time it is, but of course never have a watch.  however, i hang out with a lot of people that consistently wear watches.  seems convenient.  anyway, my dad got sick of me asking what the time was, so this became that thanksgiving topic of discussion.

did swatches ever really go out of style?  i was on the end of the cusp of the swatch being uber popular in the past.  however, i have begun to see them all over the place again.  they were all over last month’s nylon magazine.  it’s just such a great classic watch.  but maybe i can just say that now…..

i really had to hold myself back from buying another one.  i really fell in love with this one:

i stumbled across it while perusing this website called copious.  it’s like a chic garage sale or thrift store where you can sell online to anyone anywhere.  really broadens the market, if you will.  anyway, i follow man repeller on copious and she posted this watch.  love, instantly.  unfortunately, i did wait too long.  it has been sooold.

in conclusion:

a.  get a swatch, it is the cool thing to do.

b.  check out copious, stat.