more mother’s day food

so what is WAY better than getting flowers for mother’s day: AMAZING GIFTS OF FOOD.

ohio based jeni’s ice cream is blow your mind good.  they have various collections, but for a jeni’s novice, i would suggest “mother’s day”.  it will set you back around $50.00 BUT, i’m guessing you’ll get to take part in the sampling as well……

mast brothers chocolate bar collection will cost you, but much like jeni’s, it’s worth it.  BLOW. YOUR. MIND.  for a 5 bar sampling plan on spending around $50.00 as well.  check out the crazy variety of flavors offered.  truly mouthwatering.

and finally ‘lette macarons.  i have yet to try these, but gah!  look at that packaging!  who wouldn’t be stoked to get a gift like that!  especially filled with a ridiculous range of flavors.  two dozen is the minimum delivery order at $38.00.  eh, the more the merrier right?

now to just get over the post indulgent sugar rush/crash……


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