for a foodie mother’s day

not only are these for a foodie mother in celebration of mother’s day, but i would definitely love to get my hands on any one of these things as well.  use this as some inspiration, seeing as mother’s day is creeping up on us!  and of course, you can never go wrong with flowers……

1. the sweetest rooster kitchen timer, $13.00.  2.  royal rose three chiles syrup – both sweet and smokey, maybe to create a delicious cocktail, $11.00.  3.  a beautifully simple marimekko mug, $22.00.  4.  the mini mix six of fancy empire mayo, $12.00.  5.  give her nothing prettier than these paddle salad servers to toss her delicate greens, $24.00.  6.  put it all together with this french market tote, $42.00.

GRAND TOTAL:  $124.00

and NOW here’s what i would get my mom if she were a foodie mother, seeing as my bank account and time constraints probably won’t allow for most of those items.  (even though i secretly still REALLY want everrrrrthaaang up there)

1. a reeeeeally good bottle of cabernet, $30.00.  2.  a few lovely flowers (how can you not?), $7.00.  3.  a classy baby baggu, $7.00

GRAND TOTAL:  $44.00

or…..i guess i could just finger paint her a picture like old times……..


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