bought it, liked it

Bought these Poach Pods from A+R this past Christmas and I wouldn’t want to be without them now.  They kind of help bypass the whole egg shell thing I hate so much about hard boiled eggs.  These little guys never let me down.  They come in a set of two and will only run you $10.  The only downside was A+R‘s customer service.  I know it was the holidays and I’m sure they were just loaded down with orders, however, I never received my order.  I contacted the customer service rep that had let me know that my items had shipped, she was overwhelmingly nice and offered to resend the pods.  I was grateful and went on my merry way.  Unfortunately, they didn’t show up for the second time.  This time they were MIA.  And at this point it was nearly February.  I finally ordered them again and had them sent to an alternate address, finally receiving them at the end of February. It has deterred my slightly from ordering from A+R again, but their stuff is just so unique.  It has been hard to steer clear.  I’m definitely willing to give them another chance, I will just make sure not to order around a busy holiday.


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