it’s the soup


photo by cannelle et vanille

this soup has fed and nourished me for weeks, not sequentially, but weeks here and there.  the first round i followed the recipe.  it was amazing.  i felt rejuvenated and new.  this particular post was nominated for a James Beard Award.  this soup isn’t just good….it’s James Beard good.  i topped it with shrimp, sea salt and sriracha and it was really James Beard good.

and then, i decided to go paleo……potatoes were out.  but, i craved this soup.  cauliflower came to the rescue and provided an even more incredible texture.  one that i was not expecting to improve this James Beard good soup.  i left out the coconut milk and replaced the seasoning with cumin and cayenne pepper.  a truly winning combination, at least for my taste.  and still James Beard good.  (wish I had photos, but not the case)

my version of this cannelle et vanille James Beard good soup:

1 large onion, roughly chopped

2 cloves garlic, smashed

1 bulb fennel, thickly sliced

1/2 head cauliflower, roughly chopped

1 of those box things of chicken stock

2 handfuls baby spinach

2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

salt & pepper to taste

1/2 lime to squeeze to finish

1.  heat coconut oil in large heavy pot.  through in onions, garlic, and fennel.  sweat, without browning until vegetables are soft.

2.  add cumin and cayenne pepper.  coat vegetables.

3.  add cauliflower, coat with spices, cook until slightly tender.

4.  the bottom of your pot should have brown bits at this point, enter chicken stock.  scrape bits from bottom of the pan.

5.  let boil covered until cauliflower is cooked through and falling apart.

6.  add spinach, turn off heat.  cook until wilted.

7. blend!

8.  serve with shredded chicken or shrimp.  both equally delicious.  then squeeze a generous amount of lime juice on top, with a small sprinkle of coarse sea salt.  enjoy.


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