where – right now

the narrows // barton springs // french riviera // bovec

these fantastic days in southern California just really get me.  this will be my first summer in an office all day.  i’m 25 and it’s my very first summer where i’ve had to spend all day inside.  THAT, is amazing to me.  how lucky have i truly been all these years.  there are upsides to this inside summer; steady paycheck, daylight savings, no homework, no day after day sunburns, no wrangling punk children…….

once this steady paycheck finally pays off, i’d love to make it to, really, any of these places.  sense of wanderlust has been building since summers upon summers ago.

however, it’s still only spring.  i need to relish this time where parking is easy to find, it doesn’t take an hour to get off/on the peninsula, and i don’t feel terribly guilty for being inside.  cheers to the vernal equinox.


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