need it: golden half zebra camera

heyo.  soo….i ended up purchasing the emersonmade gold coin necklace… arrives on tuesday so i can’t wait to sport it around and feel as though i’m going “always toward better things”.  while i wait for my fedex package, i will be found pining over this little. tiny. camera.


Not only is the Golden Half the smallest 35mm camera in the world, it also takes half-frame pictures. By “half-frame” I mean that one standard picture frame is divided into two, therefore you get two separate shots per exposure. Not only does that mean you get double the number of exposures (especially great when considering developing costs), you also get to play with diptychs: finding connections between the pictures, planned or unplanned. In addition, the image quality is just right, a sober tone with slight out of focus on the edges (a very elegant shot).  via turntable lab

i’m diggin this little guy for TWO reasons:

1 ~ it’s tiny:  i am BRUTAL to any sort of electronic equipment, phones, sunglasses, really anything of value.  so if it can hold it’s own in my purse it can hold it’s own anywhere.  AND, the fact that it’s small actually does bode well this camera.  if it can huddle in a corner of my ridiculously large bag it will be juuust fine.

2 ~ it’s way of doubling the amount of photos per roll is a HUGE plus.  i LOVE getting more for my money.

so for this particular item, i’m looking to throw down around $40 to $55, which i just may be able to manage after this next paycheck……we will see, and i’m sure i will advertise it’s arrival.



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