need it: e.m. gold coin necklace

at a whopping $68.00 i had to really think about how much i wanted this thing.  but, it’s just so perfect.  i just really admire emersonmade style and wish i had the cash to buy everything they create.  BUT, i don’t.  however, just this one time, i think i might just be able to squeeze out 70 bucks to hang this little gem around my neck.  not only does it feature a little bird, but it also holds the latin saying: “semper ad meliora” ~ always towards better things.  perfect.

they also carry coins with a monarch butterfly, dragonfly, lion, balloon, and lucky clover at the moment.  all with little latin sayings to accompany the fitting icon.

maybe i just won’t get groceries or do laundry for a few more weeks….here’s to febreeze and top ramen.


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