legit website: Madewell

I have become OBSESSED with Madewell.  I believe it could be for a variety of reasons:

1.  Alexa Chung.  I haven’t admired and wanted to replicate someone’s style so much, well, ever.  You know when people describe someone’s style as looking “effortless”.  I think Chung really encompasses that concept.  I just wish “effortless” was a real thing.  “Style” does take thought.  She seems as though she wears what she likes and thinks nothing else about it.  If I wore what I liked I would look like a disheveled crazy person.  I can’t narrow it down…that Coco Chanel quote about taking one thing off before you leave wouldn’t help me.  I would still be a mess.  Thus, I continue to hope for that “effortless” day.  Oh, yeah.  She has a line at Madewell, so I really can look as “effortless” as Alexa Chung.

2.  Even though I can only afford to shop in their SALE section and will constantly be a season behind, I don’t care.  I live in southern California, so I won’t be too far off base a season behind everyone, merely because we don’t have them.

What I NEED from Madewell now (anyone want to donate?):


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