the roof: grow great grub

So, I just recently moved to a postage stamp of an apartment.  Upside?  Roof.  Lots and lots of roof surrounding all sides of my little place.  As soon as I saw it I began having visions of  climbing vines, fresh herbs, strawberries, sunflowers.  Amazing.  I have only been at this place for two weeks and my checking account is running dry, leaving my dreams at a standstill….however, in the midst of this, I did buy this book, thus keeping the inspiration going until my funds have been replenished.

via design*sponge

I have always had a fascination with growing, planting, tending.  I just have never been any good at it.  I have pretty much stuck to succulents, and they too tend to struggle with me.  But, now!  I’m turning a new leaf (yikes).  And Grow Great Grub is going to get me there.  Author Gayla Trail will help me through growing amazing organic food in small spaces.  There are not only growing tips, but recipes and planting techniques for smaller spaces.  My roof gets an incredible amount of sun and this book logs all of the things I should be growing.  I’m just so excited!  I’ll keep y’all updated on the growth of the roof garden.

Side note:  Roof gardens are rare in Southern California, let alone Newport Beach where one’s roof is dedicated to sun bathing and keg parties on the 4th of July.  My roof is more like a New York or San Francisco roof…it’s a roof, flat, hot, viewless, roof.  Send my roof good wishes and bountiful hopes!


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