So I went through this phase…

via mackelvaughn

So, I guess I went through this indie hipster phase over the past year.  It was kind of a half-assed phase because even though I was pretty infatuated with the whole scene, I still made fun of it.  Oh how I deeply desired to wear ripped skinny jeans and Toms.  I wished I could be more into Animal Collective.  I wanted to have the actual physical strength to ride a fixie.

Alas, none of these things ever happened.

Now, I’m back!  Or maybe I’m just stepping into a new phase.  Now I drool over EVERYTHING on design*sponge.  I want to diy EVERYTHING.  I want to be a young, thin, fashionable woman via the sartorialist.  I want my house to be airy and beautiful, colorful artfully curated nick-nacks placed about.

Alas, most of these things probably won’t happen.

However, I will still religiously listen to SiriusXMU and I will still constantly refresh on design*sponge and a cup of jo to see what they will come up with next.  I guess these are just admirations that I’m creating into aspirations.  All in all, I’ll just keep trucking and try not to feel guilty about which phase I slide into next…stay tuned!

via mackelvaughn


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