“Stillness is the Move” ~ Dirty Projectors

her underbite is really distracting but the song is catchy.  and the video has llamas.  can’t go wrong there….

and here is another i really like.  his voice is angelic…..cliche… a wonderful way.  these ladies are so….so….homely.

“No Intention” ~ Dirty Projectors

I like this version better than the album version even though the album is AWESOME.

the dirty projectors have been dubbed experimental rock.  if i were to have a band i think i’d want it to be experimental rock.  why keep doing the same thing everyone else is?  why wouldn’t you want to be taking chances?  and there’s a pretty decent article about them in the NY Times.  So, bottom line….check out Bite Orca by the Dirty Projectors for some “experimental rock”.

….cause stillness is the mooove….


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