The Young Marla Olmstead

meet Marla:

a few notes about young Marla from her website:

[ Did You Know ]

  • Marla’s first painting sold for $250 when she was 2.
  • When she paints, Marla uses acrylic paint, brushes, squirt bottles, spatulas, and the ideal child stand-by: her fingers.
  • Marla’s favorite color is pink.
  • When Marla was 2, her favorite bedtime book was a Children’s Dictionary.
  • Her favorite painting is Purse.
  • After one of her first paintings was sold, the collector found an Eeyore sticker Marla had hidden in it.
  • She was almost a Leap Day baby.
  • She loves to cook and watches The Food Network daily.
  • Her favorite things about gallery openings are the other children and the cookies.
  • She is a descendant of Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed Central Park.
  • One of her paintings, Digits I, hangs next to a Renoir.
  • She is much more comfortable behind the lens, and her favorite “toy” is an old digital camera.
  • Her great-grandfather, great-uncle, great-aunt and two of her second cousins are/were professional artists.
  • California collector Stuart Simpson, who owns paintings by Monet and Renoir as well as a sculpture by Rodin, bought three Marla’s paintings.
  • Some of Marla’s favorite movies are Shrek and Ice Age
  • Marla likes to eat gnocchi and watches cooking shows with her mom, and especially Emeril with her grandmother
  • Marla prefers to paint in the morning.
  • When Marla decides she is finished, she gives her painting titles like “Dinosaur,” or something reminiscent of a bedtime monster
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