Reasons Why I Dislike Andrew Zimmern

(would you trust this guy?)

Andrew Zimmern is the host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods (so bi-zarre!).  He bounds all over the world searching for bizarre foods.  According to Zimmern, a strange food in one country is a delicacy in another.  And his show is like a train wreck, I can’t stop watching.  I love to hate him.  Maybe it’s quenching the thirst of my little travel bug.  But come one, this guy?  Ok, it’s not like Anthony Bourdain doesn’t stick out when he travels places, but he doesn’t look like a tubby, que ball, Midwesterner waddling around jungles or urban thoroughfares.  And thus the reasons why I dislike Andrew Zimmern:

1.  He’s a white bald dude, epitome of awkward tourist (socks with Tevas, pit stains on the Hawaiian shirt, etc., etc.)

2.  He uses the words “intense” and “interesting” to describe flavors.  What does “intense” taste like?

3.  He went to Los Angeles to explore bizarre foods.  Boo.

4.  He talks like he writes, unlike his muuuch cooler counterpart Anthony Bourdain.  Bourdain writes like he talks….which is much more satisfactory when narrating a television show on the Travel Channel.

5.  He hates Durian.  Come on man, sack up.

6.  He looks like his mom still dresses him.  You gotta button that top button on your short sleeved collared shirt…..

7.  I’ve yet to actually see him barf.

The End.


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