wouldn’t you want to…..

There are so many places that, at this point, would definitely strike my fancy. I WANT to travel with all of my heart, but I just happen to be a recent college graduate and have found myself in the deep deep dispair of finacial hell (like many in the world today). AND, (like many in the world today) I can’t seem to find myself in a job I don’t completely loaaathe myself for.

So, in the mean time, I dream.

Numero uno on my dream dream dream list is:


Why? Well, let me tell you…..or really someone could tell me, because I want to know the REAL truth of the land of sheep. However, in the mean time, here we go:

1. the “lawless nature” the country was initially based in……right up my alley.

2. the kiwi bird, duh.

3. they had a wool boom in 1951. you know.

4. 70% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated with renewable engergy. Mostly through hydropower and geothermal power……niiice.

5. dairy products account for 21% of total merchandise exports……I love cheese.

6. WINE…..I probably love wine more than cheese, but they are both right up there.

7. (who knew there were this many reasons) there are only 4.3 million people living in New Zealand…..there are more people (actually nine times as many) in California, my place of birth. I could finally breathe, stretch out a little.

8. 35% of the population boasts “no religion”

9. bomb skiiiiiing….speaks for itself.

10. the Wiatomo Caves….pretty awesome cave system

and of course

11. always an amazing sailing venue……

So, cheers and I hope in the very near future that I can FINALLY make my way to the Southern Hemisphere to visit one of those things they call “hidden jewels”


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