September 5th


We made it, finally.  Ashley is trying to boil cheese goo off the pot right now.

(4 miles) 2:30 – 6:00pm

Hiking to Susie Lake

We were almost positive it didn’t exist after mile 2.  Great, just great.  We stuffed ourselves with a family size box of Kraft Mac & Cheese (it’s the cheeziest).


We just hung our bear can.  And then had a short conversation about the temperature of refrigerators.  I’m forcing Ashley to say up and watch the stars come out.  They’re so bright here.  The city always seems to ruin truly beautiful aspects of human life.  The moon is like a nocturnal sun here.  Blinding.  When we go here the wind was blowing perpendicular to the beach, making dinner quite a task.  But, then it shifted parallel as the sun began to set.  The quiet is so surreal.  All I can hear is my pencil to paper.  Tomorrow we go to Aloha Lake.  We’re in the Desolation Wilderness….sounds oh so promising.  Hopefully we don’t get up too early.

September 6th


Sleeping nearly twelve hours is quite a feat under normal circumstances.  However, after hiking it’s got to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  6:30am was probably the coldest point; my face was prickly with numbness.  So, now I’m up sitting on this perfectly secluded stump, foot rest and everything.  I don’t want to leave this space and time.  Right now Ashley is trying to read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.  Good luck.

My hair is beyond dirty.  And I like it.  I can’t wait to get into this clear-pure water that occupies this glorious space in front of me.  It’s so quiet.  Sometimes I hold my breath to really feel it in its entirety.  There’s a puff that has been hovering in the same position for nearly a minute.

I started my day out here by finding a suitable tree and peeing on it.  I think it’s the best view I’ve ever had while peeing in my entire life.  Then I tried to skip some rocks.  I think they’re shale.  They’re all perfectly flat rocks just asking to be skipped.  So, I did that but, then felt like I had broken a sacred rule or something.  I disturbed this solidarity, this peace, this untouchability.  But, everything I do here seems to disturb something.  I feel like so many people forget that there are places like this left in the world.  Everything we have makes noise.  I’ve never heard this much nothing before.  Sometimes when the wind blows through the trees it sounds like rushing water or crashing waves instead; imitation, the highest form of flattery.  Everything here is a miracle.  The concentric circles the fish make while catching mosquitoes amaze me.  They’re infinite, they’ll end up on the opposite shore as something else.

Everything feels so real.  The air, the cold water, it’s euphoric.  Earlier this morning, the wind was moving from left to right in front of our tent.  It’s encircling my filth with pure, untouched air.  No one has breathed it in the near past, it hasn’t passed through a car in the few days prior to arriving here.  It smells truly like nothing I ever have smelled before.  Or at least I can’t seem to put my finger on it if I have.  It’s kind of like the smell that filled our car when Frank and I were driving through Vail.  If pure and crisp could have a smell, this would be it.  The sun is finally starting to bend over the peaks of the mountains behind me.  I wish I had a serious camera with me.


I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME.  I don’t want to drink or over eat.  I don’t want my vices to take over me any longer.  I don’t want to be scared.  I want to be strong.


Breeze on.

How can air feel both soft and crisp at the same time?

Lake Aloha on the schedule for later, swimming and nothing in the mean time.  I only have one piece of lead left.

Wind continues to shift right.

I want to take a nap already.

Everybody here seems to appreciate the beauty of this place.

Suntanning in Lake Tahoe – Susie Lake.   Or sunburning rather.  I want to stay here forever.


We’ve definitely set up camp here.  I don’t think we’re going to move.  We’ve got the laundry line up now.  No turning back.

How hard is it to run away?  I remember thinking this when I was sixteen.  I wanted to run away so badly.  It’s unfortunate that money does have us all by the balls.


I can’t believe I’m checking/trying to check my cell phone.  NO SERVICE.  That’s actually pretty awesome.  It’s forcing me to just let it go.  I wonder if I’ll feel differently when I have a job…..Most likely not.  I can’t believe we brought alcohol out here.  I’m glad we did.

September 7th



  • Drive-in movie
  • Wine tasting tour
  • International Biergarten
  • Ski trip
  • One regatta
  • Jimmy Buffett concert
  • Go to a different state/country
  • The Lost Coast
  • Yosemite (Half Dome)

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