there’s more than a plethora of annoying things associated with newport beach.  but recently, either i’m not deeply associated with the raybans-skinnyjeans-beanie-raggedstripedtee-wearing crowd or it’s something that has just recently grown in popularity.

fixed gears.

i wish something like this wouldn’t irk me so much, but it really does.  when they roll up to ho sum californiental bistro lock their fixies together and order some hot and sour soup all while making me feel like i totally missed something.  often times i nearly plow over these southern california “hipsters” while trying to make a right hand turn on the peninsula.  they would easily create a larger dent in the side of my rusted ’89 BMW than i would in their retro emblazoned fixed gears.  damn them.  the most aggravating part of the whole thing is that none of them are over the fresh age of seventeen.  damn them.

what happened to the times when “fixies” were only meant for these:

and they weren’t called “fixies”.  at least to my knowledge.  for my own sanity, i desperately hope they weren’t.

what happened when our youth would just ride these:

thus, a pointless entry, but a “vent-full” one.

i am against fixies if i had to take a side.  period.


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